Japans unfair policy & competitive corporate culture victimizing their ladies who wants to be a mother . They are always afraid if they take a baby they can lost their job or position. Other young ladies are afraid if they take baby are they survive properly due to high rate ? Many Japans ladies believe this the main cause of low birth rate in Japan . They think it is a type of corruption & it would be change. A Channel i TV news by Sanjoy Chaki from Japan, August-2013
Background of the news...
Most of the ladies Japan is seeing the most rapid decline in population of any country .A newly released report on demographic trends by the Japanese government reveals that Japan's population continues to plummet, and that 2012 saw the biggest population drop since record-keeping began in the 1950s,according to the World Population Data Sheet produced by the U.S. Population Reference Bureau.
On October 1, 2012, the country's population was estimated at 127,515,000, down 0.22 percent from the previous year, said the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in a April 16 report.
Japan's birth rate, which is well below replacement level, combined with an ever-increasing number of deaths, has resulted in the country's population falling by a record 284,000 in 2012.
The government report also showed that Japanese society continues to age, with people aged 65 or over estimated at 30,793,000, up 1,041,000 from the previous year.

The island has a projected population of 120 million in 2025, but only 95 million by 2050.

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