Please Watch Full Screen, have HD turned on, and I hope you have a great set of speakers that can thump.

Mid-Atlantic in Motion is a time-lapse film showcasing some of the beautiful areas of the Mid-Atlantic states in a 24 hour loop starting with sunrise. I set out on my mission 11 months ago, not only driving hundreds of miles per trip but researching everything on Google Earth and talking to people via twitter / Facebook about locations and other details that would help me with shooting. The biggest challenge of the trip was the weather. It was extremely inconstant and it's hard shooting anything when the weather isn't good. I spent 10 days in West Virginia, 5 days in Cape Hatteras and all of the other shots were long day trips. West Virginia and Cape Hatteras were very important for me to spend some time at for a few reasons. Cape Hatteras offers amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Hatteras Light House is a one of the most famous light houses on the East Coast. West Virginia has amazing waterfalls, mountain peaks and dark skies. Some of the darkest skies on the entire east coast are at Spruce Knob, West Virginia. This allowed me to capture the Milky Way like I've always wanted to. Being on the East Coast and looking at what my time-lapse buddies are shooting out west get's me jealous. The Milky Way is more clear and vibrant out west but I wanted to show everyone that you don't have to travel far to see it.

:29 - Cape Hatteras and one of the most famous surf spots on the east coast
:38 - Great Falls Virginia / Maryland. It was very flooded from Hurricane Sandy in 2012
1:02 - Seneca Rocks, West Virginia- Peak
1:27- The birth place of George Washington.
1:51- Spruce Knob, West Virginia- Highest peak in WVA.
2:06- Spruce Knob, West Virginia- Spruce Knob Lake
2:20- Greenbank Telescope. It's the worlds largest radio steerable telescope. It stands 500+ feet
2:40- Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
3:32- Milyway over Currituck Sound
3:42- Baltimore from 30 floors up.

Canon 5d mk3
Canon 16-35 2.8L II
Canon 70-200 2.8L II
Canon 14mm 2.8L
Canon 24-70 2.8L II

Kessler Stealth
elektraDRIVE 500 Series Motor Pod

Lightroom 4.0
Adobe After Effects CS6
Adobe Premier Pro CS6

'Circuits' by 'The American Dollar'
Download a free compilation of 9 of their best tracks here:
119 Song Discography in Any Format just $20 @

I chose The American Dollar for a few reasons, they are great to work with, no BS and I love their sound. I now know why so many timelapse filmers have used The American Dollar in the edits.

Licensing Details - Available in 4K


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