The famous "Herding Cats" TV commercial, in the best image quality I could find. Most versions on YouTube are small and fuzzy image with big black borders and quite frustrating to watch. The ad was for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and first broadcast in the U.S. in 2000. EDS was established in 1962, bought by General Motors in 1984, spun off again as an independent company in 1996, and finally sold to Hewlett-Packard in 2008. It's now known as HP Enterprise Services. Transcript of commercial:

This man right here is my great grandfather. He’s the first cat herder in our family.
Herding cats. Don’t let anybody tell you it’s easy.
Anybody can herd cattle. Holding together ten thousand half wild short hairs - that’s another thing altogether.
Being a cat herder is probably about the toughest thing I’ve ever done.
I got this one this morning - right here. And if you look at his face, it’s just ripped to shreds, you know.
You see the movies, you hear the stories - it’s … I’m living a dream. Not everyone can do what we do.
I wouldn’t do nothin’ else.
It ain’t an easy job but when you bring a herd into town and you ain’t lost one of them, ain’t a feeling like it in the world.
(Text) In a sense this is what we do. We bring together information, ideas and technologies, and make them go where you want.
(Voiceover) EDS - managaing the complexities of the digital economy.”


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