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On April 1st, a team of 14 adult volunteers set off for a trip to Cambodia to visit an orphanage there called UNACAS. These 14 adults came from all walks of life and profession. Being part of this team has been a wonderful experience. We have a mix of auditors, regional managers, engineers, sales and marketing execs in different stages of their lives. I still remember that most of us, did not know each other when we held our first meeting.

But we have a common vision. We want to serve the children in any way that is needed.
Somehow, it seems like everyone has an unspoken belief that situations can be worked around.

Inconveniences and differences, typical of any group dynamics, were set aside during this trip.Those with families like Keith, made arrangements to leave his children with his spouse in order to go on this trip. Those who had to travel for work usually like Lewis, stopped travelling for 5 days out of their whole year’s schedule. Those with a sales target to meet like Rena, did not hit a single cent during these 5 days. Business was affected but then again, there’s another 360 days to run the rat race but only 5 days of your time to serve another person.

While we had planned to build fences and to impart language skills to them, we realized that our presence and our status as adults; meant more to them than the tangible aspect of volunteerism. We were looked upon as role models. To some of the children who want to become a teacher, a lawyer or a doctor when they grow up, as working adults, we embodied that dream; of what life can be like, after they complete their studies; when they enter adulthood.

An important lesson that I have learnt is that organizing this trip and having this event here today is not an end in itself. One of my team mates, a talented videographer, Eddy, always has a positive message appear on his desktop every morning. So I snucked one here and leave you with this that inspired us the most.

Be the change you want to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)
What are you doing today, in your capacity, to make a positive impact?
You can start, the very minute you decide to begin.


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