theresAHoleInThePan: Polyphonic sinusoidal synthesizer glitchy sonic glissandi instrument. Soothing sonic frequencies make space and time. Submerge your ears in the hole. Touching casts 0's into musical space, dragging glisses bliss time. Visualize the sonic space you make. Warning: there is a hole in the pan.

ios universal app.+@
update: android app now available

thank you paul harrington for playing this first part of video! i hope to get the droid version up and running soon.

Wednesday, 2012/05/16 at Wednesday, 09:52
どのように片手で拍手の音を生成するでしょうか? (動詞=アクション=時間と空間)が垂直に向かって過去の貫通孔。
Saturday, 2012/05/19 at Saturday, 10:07

astronaut report, spacedate #uunnii-time: 7446.8896

a couple of very nice 4 star reviews in the app store:

Customer Reviews
Strange, wonderful, weird.

by McMugwump
Truly bizarre. Like some freakazoid thing found at an alien crash site. You keep it under your bed. Away from others. It whispers to you to touch it after you turn the lights off.

White Love Monkee

by vurnt22
Couldn’t agree with the first reviewer more. Like a Strange Agency App, yet stranger still. What does this have to do with either primatology or The Last Train To Clarksville? Absolutely Nothing.


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