Student film from "The Project", 2005, created by Eun Jung Cho

"The Project" is a film class at SVA for non-film students where each individual is asked to find a relationship between graphic design and film.

Instructor Bob Giraldi explains it in the following way: "This is your project. This is your class. It’s where you will make your film. On digital tape. It’s where you will work with professional people to experience an intriguing new world of artistic knowledge. The class is an exercise in making a film, but is not an exercise in itself. Thirty weeks and I will expect from each of you, one 4-to-5 minute film. A film made for screening purposes. I hope you will expect at least that.

A personal, independent film.

In its entirety.
In its integrity.
In its creativity.

A project that’ll allow you to *project* your voice as an artist."

Visit for more student work from the Department of Graphic Design and Advertising at the School of Visual Arts (


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