This is a few of the RnD clips that I still have for Tron Legacy.

The first clip is the Solar Sailor Beam this is a shaft of light that drives the Solar Sailor. For this effect, I went with a geo tube, a few fall off shaders, and then on the inside of the tubem I went with a krakatoa pulse beam as the energy source. For the shell they wanted a to see data pulse so i tried to make a pulse that deconstructed the look of the beam. This is the geo patter that you can see.

The second clip is the Beam Bender's screen as the Solar Sailor passes through. For this, I created a cloth sim and then made a plane of hexagonal plates. When it starts, these plates are pixel to pixel, once disturbed they let a layer of the light spill through. These are the few tests i have from that.

The Third part is the Beam Bender's thrusters. Initially the thing was to have 2 and this effect be more prominent, but after further notes it just turned into a displacement pass. haha oh effects

The fourth was my idea for the arm regrowth for the female tron lady. This was created with Realflow and Krakatoa Frost using the object istancing feature. This was just a test...never got past that.



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