As the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia (BGCP) were wrapping up a two year fundraising campaign, they contacted us to ask if we could help produce a thank you video for the donors who helped make the campaign such a success. We worked with both the BGCP and their communications group, Worldplay LLC, to develop the concept and the script for the video.

We've worked with several non-profits in the past, and they're usually running on a tight budget. This case was no different. Whenever you're shooting video Time = Money. So we knew if we wanted to stay under budget we needed to be quick and efficient. This was a job for the Canon 5D. For anyone who's shot with it before, I don't have to tell you that this camera is fantastic in low light. We used an on camera light when necessary to pump up the foreground a bit, but otherwise the rest of this piece was shot in natural and ambient light. We also did a bit more work in post production to warm things up with some basic color correction.

Another thing we did on this shoot was create a detailed shot list. We often shoot documentary style which leaves us thinking about b-roll after we shot the interview portion. Not the case here. We had a detailed script and put together a long shot list. That way we could just check off the box once we got the shot. This way we stayed on task and on time.

The original script didn't call for having the text on screen but just turned out to be one of those happy accidents where you say, "I wonder what X would look like?"

This is one my personal favorite videos we've done in the three years since we opened our doors. We're really lucky to have been able to work with some great clients and I couldn't feel better about how this one turned out.

Here's a quick breakdown of the gear we used:

Canon 5D Mkii
Canon 50 mm 1.4 prime lens
Canon 28-135 mm 3.5 lens
Small HD DP6 monitor
RedRock Micro Field Cinema Deluxe V2 with Blue Follow Focus
Litepanels on camera light
HVX200a with Audiotechnica shotgun mic on boom pole to record audio (renting or buying a ZoomH4N) next time as this solution was not the most convenient.
Manfroto tripods


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