A kite flies, leaves fall,
Such a big world held in my hands

Strings tangle, trees grow,
My palm can block the wind,
but can't hold onto a grain of sand

My left hand is like a cat,
my right provides a soothing touch,
holding them together, recalling the old days

Close my eyes, waves surge up,
I rush towards the paper moon,
chasing after a wolf in the rain

Butterflies fly,
waves calm down,
fearless for lack of riches, open up my hands



Director:Keng-Ming Liu
Design:Keng-Ming Liu
Illustrator:Inca Pan
Lead Animator:Keng-Ming Liu
Animator:Hoon Chong, Greg Chen, Chia-Chien Mai , Stephay Hsiao
3D Artist:Hoon Chong, Dennis Fang, Shu-Han Yang
Hand Actress:Shih-Yen Pan,Elynn Chang

Special thanks to SUSPECT inc.

Words&Music by Cheer Chen
Guitar&Accordian by Cheer Chen
Produced by Tiger Chung
Recorded by Kenny Fan
Mixed by Dave Yang
All rights reserved


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