...and then the thread snaps.
...aur Ud jayega haans akela...
Music Credit: Kumar Gandharva - Ud Jayega
DoP: Shaadab Javed Ali
Shoot Supervision: Manoj Rai
Editor: Praveen Chunar
Gfx: Ravi Prakash
Direction: Team UnCommon
Producer: Sanjay Sharma
Executive Producer: Ashutosh Joshi
Big Thanks: Santanu C

Shot on Sony HD - EX3

Kites teach us that only by facing into the wind can we ever hope to attain the heights to which we were meant to soar. No progress was ever made by only facing the past. Although reflecting upon previous events can teach us much about what we might avoid in the future (kites will sometimes turn and fly downwind when wind speed diminishes), we must also direct our vision forward to succeed in our endeavors.

-Shawn E. Donahoo (Decatur, AL)

j vimeo.com/32668765

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