OGG Streaming: archive.org/download/Alberi/Alberi.ogv

Animated art gallery - Poetic documentary about trees.
Made by 22 Italian pupils (9y old) during Art and Music classes.

To make this work they learnt to play the recorder, they played a real concert harp, they spent 2 years learning watercolour techniques for sky, bush and trees, studying the shape of a tree in different situations.

It's the most advanced piece of art of the entire project (so far). It's made by the group that produced "Acqua", "Chiarastella" and "Babbo Natale".

Watch a production documentary at

This video is produced with Free Open Source Software.
Frames were grabbed with Stopmotion
Editing was done in Cinelerra

This video is published under the Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 2.5 Italy.

The kind of advertisements the kids will see on this page still clashes with the care and diligence of my pupils and with the artistic intelligence of Vimeo.

MPEG2 Download (175MB, DVD compliant): archive.org/download/Alberi/Alberi.mpg

j vimeo.com/4757063

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