Written/Directed/Edited by DnA ( Dan Ramirez / Amara Untermeyer ) for Burgeon Media

A pick me up - slice of life with a magical twist.
Meant for any and all who took on the hurdles of 2012. Specifically, all of our amazing friends and neighbors in New York City, New Jersey and the Caribbean who were absolutely battered by Hurricane Sandy.

Shot in 4 hours at the amazing PJ Horgans (PJHORGANS.COM) with the generous help of our wonderful DP Bill Thomas (BILLTHOMASPHOTO.COM), Kyle Hines (AC/Gaff), Joseph Mesiano as Joseph (JOSEPHMESIANO.COM), Chester Davis as Santa (SANTACHESTER.COM), who donated their time, location and gear to make this possible in less then a week. The way this came together was a true holiday miracle.

Special thanks to Hotcam NY for their incredible support. Tim Hotchner - our creative partner and friend who put up with us through a myriad of re-writes trying to cram this message into 3 pages of script. Jeff Reilly - who calmed our nerves and reminded us to keep slugging at the edit.

Here's to 2013.

Shot on F3 with S-Log and Cooke Panchros - for more tech specs head to Bill Thomas vimeo page and ask him. He color corrected this using Looks. This was cut back and forth between Premiere CS6 and FCP 7.

Music from APM Licensing.

j vimeo.com/55918179

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