Some speculate hoarding affects 1 of every 20 people. While hoarding does not discriminate by age, its consequences are more pronounced for older adults. There is an odd fascination about this disorder. There is an even greater difficulty for individuals and communities when attempting to intervene.

In this episode, Graceful Aging explores how to try to help someone inundated with stuff. Our guests describe diplomatic ways to intervene for the hoarder's well-being. "This is no easy task. You have to pick the right words, the right place, and the right time to be effective," says guest Harriet Bakalar, an expert on hoarding interventions.

"Hoarding's effect upon families, friends, and communities is significant. Beyond the titillating stories, time, money, and safety are at issue," says Graceful Aging host Gregory Bator. "Join us as we highlight effective practices for individuals and communities on the problems excessive stuff can bring."


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