On April 10th, 2012, we had a workshop at AHO ( with different stakeholders from the Sexual Assault Center in Oslo, Sexual Crime Division at the Police, a Victim, a person from Amnesti International/ Aftenposten blogger, Service and Product Designers and Design Students. Also, our Main and Secondary Supervisors were here together with the Head of the Design division of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

The goals of the workshop were to co-create design solutions by using the expert knowledge of the different stakeholders to find potential opportunities within the sexual violence response system and collaborate to create integrated solutions. Also to create a space for informal interdisciplinary dialogues to occur where problems are presented as potential opportunities for design and improvement.

The structure of the workshop was divided into three different parts: An introduction, a triple round group brainstorming session and finally, a wrap-up session commenting about the possible zoom, potential and innovation points. The introduction consisted of a brief presentation done by us, explaining the theme of our diploma project, giving the opportunity for stakeholders to introduce themselves, showing the goals and the structure of the workshop together with the program and ending with the recommendations to have in mind. Then we proceeded to the most important part of the workshop: the group brainstorming sessions on the user’s journey after a sexual crime. We structured this brainstorming sessions into three different steps in the user journey, where each step had assigned a table. The first table was for the counseling and Healthcare Systems at the Sexual Assault Center. The second table was for the Legal Services at the Oslo Police Station, while the third table was for all the transitions between the incident, getting help, waiting time and processing time. After the three rounds of brainstorming sessions, where each participant went through all of the steps with different collaborators, we wrapped up.

Each table had a table facilitator that summed up the main points talked in the different rounds. Then anybody could contribute to the discussion and we ended with a nice collaborative dialogue with different perspectives between designers and our expert panel.


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