Client: Fauthy
Work: Director of Photography, Editing

"Songs About Boys" by Fauthy
Produced by: Kyle Black
Co-writers: Kyle Black, Dennis Fallon, Alberto Albis

"Fauthy (full name Kelly Fauth)is a power vocalist/songwriter from Campbell, CA. She grew up writing songs and playing drums/singing in bands with her friends. In 2007 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion by studying and graduating from the L.A. Music Academy. Immediately after graduating she was hired as a background vocalist for Columbia Records artist, Coheed And Cambria. After touring the world she moved to Hollywood to start writing new material. The way she describes her sound is, "Like if No Doubt, Pat Benatar, and Kelly Clarkson had a baby...that would be me." Her angsty pop/rock EP "Songs About Boys" is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and CDBaby."


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