- Romania restarts nuclear reactor after technical problem :: Joe Mangano's Credibility Takes Another Body Blow :: Erin Brockovich warns about "Hot Water" across U.S. due to radioactivity leaks from atomic reactors :: Canada Medical Journal: Experts calling for wider Japan evacuations — Officials would have to evacuate 1,800 km² using Chernobyl standard

An easier-to-use ADAMS: You asked, we acted

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Field of Cesium Towers

Nuke Expert/MD: Japan gov’t was lying through its teeth about Fukushima… and probably still is

Australia Professor: Japanese exposed to “unconscionable” health risks — Gov’t has provided public with misinformation

Japan PM declares Fukushima Daiichi stable, but many don't believe him

Japan issues 30 to 40 year plan to scrap reactors - 21st Dec 2011

WATCH: Nursery school opens 25km from Fukushima meltdowns (VIDEO)

Fukushima units enter decommissioning phase

New date for Olkiluoto 3

The 2012 Budget for Nuclear Energy

New data on low-dose radiation

NRC on Fukushima: Fuel rods violently consumed by self-sustaining reaction — Molten core then “on the move” — Radiological impact is huge (VIDEO)

Mike Moyer of Scientific American Debunks Joe Mangano Again

Kyodo: Ceiling at Japan reactor catches fire — Burns 110 m² area in two hours — Just 100km from Fukushima

USA $700 Billion for outdated nuclear weapons! – time to question this

“cold shutdown” – incorrect words to hide the truth on Fukushima

USA does not rule out a pre-emptive strike on Iran

Desperate international quest for nuclear waste disposal

Japanese taxpayers to take over Tepco Electric Power Company

Canadian tribes say NO to nuclear waste

Shipping dead nuclear reactors across Great Lakes – a dangerous precedent

Obama government boosts wind and solar energy on both coasts

David Suzuki busts the spin on nuclear power and nuclear fallout

Report on uranium mining and milling in Virginia

Death of Kim Jong Il raises fears about North Korea’s nuclear arsenal

No confidence in safety of Taiwan’s new nuclear plant

Direct current (DC) the way of the future, with renewable energy

Erin Brockovich taking on nuke industry: “Massive amounts of cancer” in hometown near L.A. — Astounded by rare, rare cancers among youth (VIDEOS)

Renewable energy gaining strength, saving money for customers and State budgets

Study finds Fredericksburg uranium sites not commercially viable

#Radiation in Japan: Map of "Black Rain" Finally Made 66 Years After Hiroshima Bombing

#Radiation in Japan: Ministry of the Environment to Do a Special JECS Study on Radiation Effect on Children in Fukushima

Namibia uranium production falls 27.5% in 2011: reserve bank

NRC's Jaczko Gives Blessings to "Cold Shutdown State" and "Completion of Step 2" at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant, Says "Tremendous Milestone"

NHK: Gov’t to check Fukushima kids for congenital abnormalities linked to radiation — “Rising public concern” about contamination

Counting Yen

Cesium Fields Towers

Molten Rods

$700 Billion Nuclear Weapons

Internation Nuclear Waste Disposal

Shipping Radioactivity

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