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Created with After Effect, Trapcode Particular, Camera Tracker, Blender 2.64 (Smoke simulation, camera tracking and some basic modelisations)

This is a graduated school project that I've made to learn Camera tracking (this is alos my first attempt) and to have a better knowledge of the amazing plugin Trapcode Particular wich can be even used to create organic landscape and organic life ^^
This is also a great exercice to get a better knowledge about the workflow needed to achieve this kind of project and a great evaluation of all the competencies that I've acquiered during this year.
I discovered vfx and motion design the last year so it's not yet perfect due to a lack of competencies in the writting of scenario and storyboarding but I hope I'll learn it this year and be able to create good stuff in the future.

The song is taken from the album "From heaven on earth" from the German Band November Növelet.
Check this link to learn more about this audio entity:

They are also known as Haus Arafna:

I have no right on the music and this is just a "fan video", not something official of course.

Thanks for watching.


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