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0:15 The Avengers
--- character animation (Ironman and some Thor)
0:38 The Adventures of Tin Tin
--- character and environment animation (anim layered with mocap)
1:07 Rise of the Planet of the Apes
--- animation (mocap used in runs, knife and handholding shots)
1:46 Charlotte’s Web
--- spider/web animation, facial rig modelling
2:15 Harry Potter 6
--- animation combined with Ncloth simulation
2:30 The Ruins
--- vine animation and interaction
2:39 freelance work
--- creature animation and rig supervision
2:52 The Dark Is Rising
--- snake rigging and procedural snake animation

Where the Wild Things Are
--- on-set facial shape modeling (no footage released)
Weta Digital Previs
--- 2 years of previs animation (no footage released)

music by Alan Silvestri, Patrick Doyale and Gorillaz

j vimeo.com/52647618

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