You may be here this morning celebrating the power of His resurrection from the dead, and I am certainly glad you are, but there is quite a difference between celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and knowing Him and experiencing for yourself the power of His resurrection.
On the one hand you could be just a fan, a groupie, all excited because of what happened. But that is different from being in His Gang, His posse, and seeing what he went through to get there. Being with Him since day one, through thick and thin. Like John. Like Mary.
To know Jesus Christ is to know and experience the power of His resurrection. I think we may discover this in a clear way as we look at how some of His disciples interacted with Christ on resurrection Sunday.
In a scene in Lloyd Douglas' book, The Robe, Marcellus, the Roman centurion who had the highly valued robe of Jesus becomes a Christian and tells his fiancée the story of Jesus. She responds, "It's a beautiful story, Marcellus, but we don't have to do anything about it, do we? Let's leave it just where it is." "That's just it," says Marcellus, "I cannot forget it. Because it happened, things can never be the same for me again."
"Seeing Jesus" is a wonderful event. But "seeing is not the finale. It is the momentous beginning of a lifetime relationship with God that will develop healthfully as we permit the risen Lord to make us a part of his saving mission to unite the whole world in God. The risen Lord calls us to discipleship and all that that requires of us.


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