I was pretty disappointed in my effort with my filming this year and subsequently i didnt want to release anything I wouldnt be stoked on. My mind has been racing on so many ideas and other parts of drifting that my motivation for filming took a back seat.

To make up for the slacking and to bring in the New Year I thought i would give you guys what you have all been asking for (well it may not be the physical copy but at least you can still catch the action). This of course is the first Wreck 'Em DVD we did in 2010 - Oh One Oh.

This quote from a man i look up to, Lord Finesse pretty much sums it up for me

"So long 2012, I experienced quite a few lessons and gained quite a few blessings.. I'm blessed to be here entering 2013.. When facing the adversity of the unknown.. there's one thing you can count on obtaining.. that my friends is called "Experience" Life is a roadway into the future, sometimes we travel upon roads traveled in the past.. If you keep hitting the same potholes.. Don't blame the road.. question the person navigating.. In 2013 stay focused on the Directions & The Destination.. If we're all on the same page with the same destination in mind.. I'm sure we'll cross paths somewhere along the journey.. Don't be fooled at the Halloween Party going on around you.. Many are still wearing their everyday costume pretending to be some special imaginary character ignoring reality: Lesson you can't live life for the next persons approval.. Live life for you & yours**

Happy New Years,
I wish you much success & prosperity in 2013 and beyond..
May God Bless you & yours.."

I would like to add thanks to our supporters whom we wish to move mountains with in 2013.
Etnies Australia
JDM Garage


j vimeo.com/56617036

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