Your Choices Matter.

In a culture where authenticity is hailed above all else, just the act of professing sin and brokenness can sometimes be counted in our favor. Regrets of the past might serve as a badge of profound life experience in the present. After all, if we have no regrets we haven’t truly lived, right?

Well… no.

What happened to holiness? It’s a word with a lot of baggage, unfortunately, but it has also become the excess baggage we abandon at the dock as we board the ship of authenticity and transparency. And while it is healthy to be open about our shortcomings, we must move forward without championing them. Holiness is not just some fine ideal destined for generations past; it’s the unyielding pursuit that defines every Christian life.

How we live our lives matters. But holiness doesn’t start with new behaviors as you might think—it starts with new affections.


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