Room 40 (2012)

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duration: 30-35 min

choreography: Maciej Kuźmiński with the performers
concept, costume, visual design: Maciej Kuźmiński with Adam Hypki
consultation: Adam Hypki and Tony Thatcher

performance: Jessica Haener (soloist), Verena Schneider, Agnese Lanza, Tiffany Desplanques

technicians: Grzegorz Zając, Janine De Weerd, Andrew Hammond
video recording: Monika Kita
video editing: Maciej Kuźmiński

this piece is dedicated to Jan, Barbara, Bernhard and Franz, Annie and Pierre, Lea and Heidi.

additional acknowledgments:
Eleonore Heiniger, Valeria Famularo, Natalie Heller, Karsten Tinapp, LJ Cook


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