A short trailer for the 2008 documentary feature exploring childbirth and the knowledge associated with midwifery.

Produced by Birth Rites Collection

“This is undoubtedly the work that captured my attention more than any other in the exhibition. Andy spent three years working with Judith to produce this powerful piece of film documentary. By using an eclectic range of methods, the film manages to transfix the audience for the full 55 minutes of delivery….Andy is unrepentantly honest about the cathartic nature of the endeavour. Yet both the births are presented in a no-holds-barred sort of way, sparing the audience from any measure of sentimentality. This film would make an amazing educational resource for midwife teachers and childbirth educators, as well as others.”
Lorna Kirk, Practising Midwife

"...his film beautifully captures the confusion and complexity of the male perspective"
Joanna Moorhead, The Guardian

“A very intense and gripping film, Born is marked by an immediacy and purity of instance. The images in this film are hard to confront yet the film leaves us quiet and composed for it subtly gestures towards man’s ultimate insignificance before nature.”
Aparna Sharma, Women’s Feature Service

j vimeo.com/25077086

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