Dear Friends:

I am happy to share a new video today on this very auspicious Valentines Day. Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far to Raising Baby X, and I hope that others may donate soon to help us get through this cold winter! Baby X asks that you cherish all the loved ones in your life today, and remember that "Raising a life is a work of art!"

Enclosed are links to my latest video for Raising Baby X: The First Year on Vimeo, as well as the project launch video that was shown at Fountain Miami for Art Basel in early December of 2011, for those of you who didn't see it yet. Also, there is a link to make tax deductible donations on Fractured Atlas. Every little bit helps and I will be sending another email this week describing the gifts that donors receive, including pins, T-shirts, donor certificates, donor plaques, and even a personal lullaby sung to you by me and Ajax. Again, much love for you and yours.


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