This is a screen capture of the real-time video component of my interactive sculpture, Untiled Faces, where each of the three frames is controlled with a joystick.

The left-most pane of Untiled Faces shows a small representation of another artwork, Tiled Faces, with a small red square over one image of this 32×32 grid. As the left lever is moved, the red square moves, updating the x and y position, and simultaneously updating both the center and right-most panes.

The right pane shows the image from the left pane, zoomed in. The right-most lever moves a small red target within this image, updating another x and y position, and simultaneously updating the center pane.

The center pane shows a chaotic attractor, whose four coefficients are taken from the positions of the left and right levers. The center lever adjusts the virtual camera that is viewing this strange attractor.

Thus, all three images are linked, and in a somewhat mysterious way, show the relationship between a strange attractor and its Lyapunov exponent.

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