This follows two other resolution videos I have posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs. Canon EOS 600D/T3i and Sony PMW-EX1 ( and a resolution and sharpness setting test of just the Canon 5D Mark III (

I was fortunate enough to have borrowed a colleague's Nikon D800. As such, I was at his mercy in terms of equipment. The lens on the D800 is the Nikkor 24-85mm 3.5-4.5. Due to this, to get the proper exposure, I had to use an ISO of 320 on the D800. ISO was set to 160 on the 5D Mark III. I set the D800's picture profile to Neutral and then lowered the sharpness and contrast to zero and the saturation to two clicks below the center. I didn't try playing around with any other settings, as I've not seen much talk of other settings affecting resolution.

These tests were done at different times, but I tried to keep everything as consistent as possible (the resolution chart was still hanging in the same place on my wall!). As with the other videos, I color corrected each (the D800, even on AWB had a noticeably yellow tint) and then varied the amount of sharpening using the sharpening FX in Vegas Pro 11.

The frames at 2x resolution should show up when viewed on Vimeo. As with the other resolution videos, you might want to download the original 1080p file that I encoded at a high bit rate and full resolution. What do you think? Comments welcome.


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