Client: Wind
Agency: Fluid
Script: Sofia Papapolyzou

Direction-Animation: George Glynos / Bezier Animation Studio
Sound Design: Nikos Tsines

We had less than 3 weeks to think and create this short animation for the biggest mobile company in Greece. The brief was to have a storyline of a traveling wish message using phones,mobiles and internet. We had a restriction of 30 seconds. The final video was embedded to a facebook app created by Fluid so the users can have an alternative personalized ending of the animation.
Our idea was due to limited time for completion, to use mograph. We found many references that client saw to decide about the final look and feel.
We modeled and animated everything in Cinema 4d, then we used a combination of mograph clones and the great plugin Voxygen by , this plugin was a life saver for us, it could handle great numbers of cubes, much better and faster than the mograph clones. Then we used the native mograph effectors to make the transitions and animate the voxels. I have to mention that Paul, the developer of Voxygen was really supporting our effort from the first moment, he was really helpful to some issues and his plugin is really great.
The next step was an animatic, we made the final corrections and adjustments with Alex Diakomanolis from Fluid and then rendered everything with passes on our render farm, more than 30 minutes per frame on full HD.
As usually the client made some last moment changes but even with this, we managed to have it ready on the final deadline.


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