1992 -16mm film

A short drama about a lonely woman, Lillian, who is overcome by feelings of guilt and inferiority after acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. The film explores human behavior in, and in reaction to, a situation in which an individual is affected in a devastating fashion, through no fault of her own. Finalist in the New York Film Festival and screened in the Social Outcast Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.


Shaunna Campbell
Jimmy Furino
Jim Taylor McNickle
Director of photography Paul Piasecki
Catherine Lyons
Ashley Roye Weber
Jessie Griffin Burke

Directed and edited by Ethan H. Minsker

Written by Tanya Ehrmann

Adapted by Ethan Minsker and Vicki O'Brien

Production manager and assistant director: Clifford Son

Line producer: David Yawger

Suport local artists. Any money made from the link below will create new art projects by the Antagonist Movement.


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