In this educational video, couples reveal how the beautiful gift of Natural Family Planning strengthens and sanctifies their relationship while respecting the design of female fertility.

Through the voices of both medical and theological experts, learn how male and female biology reflects a covenant intended for the purpose of uniting spouses and bringing forth new life.

Find out how contraception really works and why it's so damaging to women and marriages.

Get the facts on how Natural Family Planning is a safe, highly effective, inexpensive method that empowers couples to prudently and prayerfully postpone or achieve pregnancy in accordance with God's plan for nuptial love.

Natural Family Planning is sometimes called "periodic abstinence." It is a way to achieve or avoid pregnancy by monitoring the fertility signs present in a woman during her reproductive years. It is compatible for use by all women during regular or irregular cycle, breast feeding, post-partum, pre-menopause or after discontinuing contraceptives.

Natural Family Planning has up to a 99 percent effectiveness rate if properly learned and used according to instructions for avoiding or delaying pregnancy. Learn more here:

These videos are for sale through the Diocese of Phoenix, with bulk discounts available by emailing:


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