This is the music video for Collage Cinetronic Music's "Hunter" and the first part of my "Super 8 Music Video" trilogy. The other two parts are online here as well.

This one is very experimental and monotonous, and not supposed to tell any special story. Just sit back and watch the "Moving Wallpaper" :-)

The movie is basically a montage of Super 8 footage I shot over the years on various freeways all over Europe. The editing makes pretty frequent use of Mickey Mousing, which is because the band projected the film during their live gigs, in sync to the music and the light show.

Most of the stuff was shot on Kodachrome K40 stock, the b/w scenes were shot on a special reversal stock made by a German company called Kahl Film.

I did the telecine myself, a simple setup with a Elmo GS-1200 and a Sony PMW-EX1.


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