The goal of this 30 second PSA is to reach an Alaska state-wide audience of all ages to raise awareness of the harmful effects of marine debris to marine wildlife and humans. This project combines ADF&G's established "Loose the Loop" outreach campaign with NOAA's Marine Debris Program message "Marine Debris is Everyone's Problem." Two other versions are available, a lower resolution download friendly version, and an HD version with subtitles.

Transcript: "It may seem unimaginable, but far too often our everyday household and worksite items wreak havoc as they become marine debris. Man-made synthetic materials improperly stowed or disposed of on boats, beaches, at work, and in our own homes find their way into the sea.Marine debris may be out of sight for most of us, but its global impacts are tragically apparent. After all, as Alaskans, we know, the ocean is our lifeblood.
It's up to each of us to make the right choices. It will make a world of difference."


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