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M2M Opportunities and Challenges in Healthcare
By most estimates, the number of connected things will reach tens of billions. All of the tier-one wireless operators have established dedicated business units to simplify and accelerate connecting things to their networks and healthcare is poised to become one of the areas where M2M explodes. But the M2M revolution will also bring problems that are complex and difficult to solve for even the largest companies. These problems will only be amplified and added to in the healthcare arena. Some of these problems include:

Creating sophisticated systems so that sensors and M2M applications are providing accurate information
Ensuring that real-time information collected from field sensors is communicated and delivered to the set of services that M2M applications provide
Collecting, processing and managing enormous amounts of new data in a meaningful way so that the business can analyze and take action on accurate information
Building applications and custom user interfaces to communicate efficiently on a multitude of devices and churn out information in user defined formats

In addition, there has been an explosion in the number of technologies and options available at each application level to drive M2M, but this technology diversity introduces enormous complexity for delivering M2M applications. Add to this potential regulatory issues and it becomes clear that bringing a M2M device into the healthcare space can be a daunting task. Our panelists will explore these issues, as well as discuss real world examples and approaches.

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