The film is about the life of people who suffered the consequences of the August War between Russia and Georgia that took place in 2008. The film tells about the assistance that they received from European Union so that they could return to their homes.

These people have to live in a danger zone. The biggest guarantee of peace in the conflict zone is the European Union Monitoring Mission, which has been patrolling the border with Tskhinvali region during the last year.

Some residents of up to 30 villages that were part of former buffer zone, whose houses were destroyed during and after the war, have moved and settled elsewhere. Those who stayed behind live in small cottages built with the financial assistance of the EU before their houses can be fully restored.

Once a month each village receives humanitarian aid. One of the biggest funders of that project is the EU; about 23 thousand people receive that aid.

Besides the humanitarian aid, the EU elaborated special programs for the population that was affected by war. In particular, special credit lines have been allocated for them so that they can start small businesses, a professional re-training center is being built in Gori and water reservoirs of several villages have been repaired. Children go through psych-social rehabilitation process.

European Union has allocated a total of 500 million euros for mitigating the consequences of the war in Georgia.


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