Originally Presented May 18th, 2012 at the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance Senior Honors Project Showcase.

Neurons, the cells that comprise our brains, each fire with distinct patterns and rely on one another’s communicative signals to produce the larger rhythms which carry out our thoughts and actions. Listen a little closer, and you’ll find that tap dancers talk in the same way, all the while relying on the 100 billion cells keeping time within their cortices.

Maddie Schwarz is a college senior double majoring in neuroscience and dance at UCLA, and a soon-to-be first year medical student at UCSF.

Dancers: Assata Madison (Phasic), Ricki Quinn (High Frequency), Mariel Rossman (Low Frequency), Maddie Schwarz (Tonic), Melanie Stich (Fast-Spiking)

Music: “Cortical Songs: II. – (Remix)” and “Cortical Songs (The Bipolar Shuffle)” by John Matthias and Nick Ryan

j vimeo.com/43604726

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