"Constructing Fears- Workshop"
Live Installation
Concept / Direction: Abraham Hurtado

The necessity of doing a workshop in two intense days, Happen to do a first research and selection of people to be involved in the project of Live Installation “Constructing Fears” to be presented at Centro Párraga 18th March, 2010.
I made several interviews of the selected people who had participated. In those recording interviews i found the base to work with at the main starting point of the workshop. The research was about “Fear”. So, during they interview I asked about their fears and this text came up from them.

“Silent emptiness. Empty silence deep. Lost sense of space and violent release. Explosion more than violence. Directions. Blocked joints. Blocked from the joint. Pressured. Don´t move, you can hear you cannot move. There´s disconnect between the joints.... I saw it, it was because it was another person,. You feel naked towards the other person, that they know you too much and your are disliked...Let it end, above all, let it end...lost, sad,
uncertain, silence and start all over again...Time, strength, growing and start again...lots of peace, lots, start all over again.... Watch and feel presence.
The febrile state makes you imagine things that you cannot escape, maybe some allegy, something made of...

(*) Text created in the workshop of partner selection Bridge on a wall to the Centro Párraga (Murcia) March 2010
bridgeonawallalive.wordpress.com centroparraga.es

j vimeo.com/12451431

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