Well, here it is ladies and gents. The long awaited DIY Duluth Edit. Enjoy!

DIY Duluth is dedicated to creating the best skate spots in Minnesota through the use of direct action. When you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

The initiative was started by locals Brian Cody and Denny Davey, who with a combined 50 years of skateboarding experience, turned a derelict tennis court on 63rd Avenue West into a skateboarding hotspot.

Now backed by Damage Boardshop, Jambox Shred Gear, MoFunna Skates, and an overwhelming amount of community support, DIY Duluth aims to expand. DIY Duluth will be accepting donations and selling merchandise to fund continued building. Please contact Brian Cody to help.

Contact Brian at: bcody218@gmail.com

DIY Duluth Website: diyduluth.com

Damage Boardshop: damageboardshop.com

Mofunna Skates: mofunna.com

Jambox Shredgear: jamboxshredgear.com

Filmed by: Mike Rapaich, Denny Davey, Brian Cody, Deeter, and other homies

Edited by: Mike Rapaich

Jambox animation at 2:14 by: Emiliano Godinez


j vimeo.com/53087072

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