Month in Focus looks at some of the work undertaken by MSF over the previous month. TB continues to be a problem in many countries around the world, including Cambodia where MSF runs a hospital in Kampong Cham. MSF has developed a new diagnostic test that will cut down the timeframe of diagnosis from up to three months, down to about two hours. This new test will be introduced to several MSF projects over the next year, including the one in Cambodia.
South Sudan is soon to become the newest African state and is facing an uncertain future. After two decades of conflict many problems exist, including a general lack of healthcare services, one of the reasons that MSF is present in the country.
In Burundi, obstetric fistulas are known as "The Backyard Disease". The condition is preventable with sufficient healthcare availability, but many countries in Africa in particular, do not have these kinds of services. MSF runs a hospital in Burundi offering treatment to women suffering from fistula.
In Mali, a vaccination programme has taken place with everyone aged between 1 and 29 receiving a vaccination against meningitis. A large scale programme was possible after a new vaccination was developed that provides immunity for a ten year period.
And finally, at the beginning of March thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS marched in Delhi to defend their right to anti-viral treatment. India is the world's largest producer of low cost medication, mostly used in developing countries. But this position is under threat by a trade agreement between the EU and India. MSF has been campaigning to try and ensure that the supply of affordable medicines is not halted so that patients in developing countries do not lose the drugs that they need to survive.


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