A quick update on my original reel.

I was very aware that my last reel was pretty much all hard-bodied colour work and I was often asked if I coloured drama. This reel hopefully shows more skin tones etc. from various projects.

DeafBlind at is a short that I edited and graded for Ewan Bailey. The main character is a DeafBlind alcoholic, so I worked very hard on making her complexion reflect this and making the world around her quite bleak, I also always tried to emphasise her eyes within the shot. The clip at 1m 23s is an interesting one, and shows how grade can also help storytelling, without going too much into the plot-line, I've very much pushed the second character into the darkness, making them more a mysterious, shadowy figure.

Nawti is a music promo for Olu Maintain that I coloured remotely while sending references back and forth to Olu himself in Nigeria. The promo has received over 500k hits on YouTube already this year.

The Bentley World of Colour Paint was shot by Tangerine Films and I graded numerous versions of the paint, cycling through them to create the effect of ever changing colour within the paint.


Jaguar XJ - Red One
JCB Brand Film - HD Cam / Redlake High Speed
Range Rover - 16mm Film
DeafBlind - Red One
Nawti - Red One / Canon 5D
Jaguar F-Type reveal - Wiesscam
Bentley WOC - Weisscam

Music - My Elastic Eye, Chemical Brothers

j vimeo.com/41340055

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