Spent about an hour driving around to some random locations with a friend in an effort to understand the mechanics of operating my camera in the dark. Learned a lot from it.

Shown in the video is my friend Adam who let me film him walking around etc.. Thanks dude!

All unrehearsed guerrilla style improv shots of me just testing ISO and shutter speeds etc.. and trying to achieve a grungy sci-fi look for a short film that I'm hoping to start soon.

Equipment: 7D, 17-55mm 2.8IS, Handheld Glidecam HD-2000, Rollerblades, and a minidisc condenser microphone plugged directly into the camera to see how well it would sound

1080p 24fps with one shot in there as 720p 60

Music was quickly put together in GarageBand

Audio/Video Copyright © 2009 Brandon Moza

j vimeo.com/7886413

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