Weihnachtsbeleuchtung Kurfürstendamm, Berlin 2013
christmas lights, Berlin 2013

More info: imagensubliminal.com/content/obra/christmas-lights-berlin-2013

client: Wall AG
design: Brut Deluxe. brutdeluxe.com
team: Marina Ortega Aranda, Jesús Maria Linares, Philip Baumann, Elisa Luda
constructor: Boehlke Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH
area: Kurfürstendamm, Berlin
year: 26 nov 2013 – 06 jan 2014
photography: miguel de guzman
status: temporary/ built
video: Imagen Subliminal. Directed by Miguel de Guzmán. imagensubliminal.com
music: Gurdonark "Gymnopedie 3 (Satie)" ccmixter.org/people/gurdonark
starring: Zoë Szápáry

project description:

Three light installations were realised on Kurfürstendamm: the first, a huge light dome with a diameter of 7,5m, at Joachimstaler Platz, the second consisting of five big three-dimensional light cubes at the crossing with Uhlandstrasse, and the third, an artificial lanscape build of 50 light shrubs, at the crossing with Knesebeckstrasse.

About the installation:

What all three installations have in common is that we want to achieve an atmospheric effect with them. Rather than typical decorations that represent Christmas through objects or symbols that are contemplated from the outside, we want to create a space that can be entered and experienced. We imagine this artificial space in the city as a place of retreat, similar to an imaginary clearance in a forest. The atmosphere surrounding the spectator is produced only with light that alters its density and intensity constantly through the visitor’s movement and changing perspective. The realised landscapes of light are inspired by images and situations recalled from our memory that we associate with Christmas and abstractly convert to light.

j vimeo.com/80940677

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