Photodelika team worked hard for making experimental project "Synergion", January 2012 . This project is for synergy of arts: visual art, butoh dance, performing, music, video shooting. In this collaborating we mixed different dynamics of every artist to synthronize it, to listen each other inside, used different art and video techniques.

Shooting session took place in 30-31th of January, 2012 in Saint-Petersburg.

Malcolm Roxs ( - visual artist and performer from Buenos Aires, Argentina and LA, USA. He took part in this project, during Demolition Painting Show Russia Tour 2011-2012.

Valentin Tszin ( - Artistic Director, Actor, Dancer в Poema Theatre(Semiotics of Human Body Theatre). Poema Theatre investigates the phenomenon of the mask, dreams, death, insanity
and love structures. The theatre of intense dialectics and all the possible ways of existence, observation and one final look inside yourself.

Andrey Bundin ( is a composer and sound designer, who creates music of different styles and genres: from chamber and orchestral music to contemporary electroacoustic, theatre, cinematic and pop music.

Photodelika visual project company ( is creative team, each member of which has their own vision
and style and a specific approach to every project. Their work helps our photographers and operators to do their business: the art of photography
and videography.

special photoset "Making of..." is avaliable at our facebook page Photodelika (

This edit is special video version of project "Synergion" for Malcolm Roxs. Photodelika version is editing.


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