The first of what I hope to be a long list of wildlife films made by myself. I attended the Wildlife Film Academy in Botswana for 4 weeks to learn about the wildlife film-making industry where the goal was to create a short 5 minute film on a topic that we choose.

The film is titled 'Why We Fight' and is about why conservationists, scientisits, naturalists and I have decided to work with wildlife and the emotiones and challenges we have to deal with. It is about giving us an identity and to also bring out the essence of nature, giving an insight into our professions. The most important thing is that I want this short film to be enjoyed and to take people on a journey. I do hope you enjoy.
This whole film was shot, edited and created by myself and i am very proud of the end product.

The music I used is by Sigur Ros and Jonsi and the NHU Africa have paid for the use of this music. Please do not copy or distribute this film.


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