in the late 1800s, lazaro gallardo, a tavern owner and tequila producer, named his specially produced tequila gran centenario to mark the beginning of the new century and also the beginning of tequila sales at his tavern.inspired by the french art deco, the exquisite bottle deserved a new campaign to show the outstanding quality and the grand heritage of the product.
the centenario angel calls an outstanding angel party with its powerful trumpet.a diners place in a evening scenery is the target of its call.
from a calm, normal, evening atmosphere and beginning with the sounds of the trumpet, everything becomes a big blast, evoking complete destruction of the diner. the pressure of the powerful sound makes tables, lamps and chairs, objects and also people start to tremble and shake and finally, fly in the air, drawn horizontally outside against all laws of gravity.
only two characters - a man and a woman, stay calm and resist the power.
they seem to recognize each others as different beings. now alone, they move closer, transforming into dark angels with huge wings, flying off to their meeting point, still following the conspirative music.
it is the centenario angel statue calling all angels to a secret meeting. a wonderful, gentle angel made out of stone, becoming alive.
after weeks of precise planning, an intense shooting of the destruction took place in a huge film studio in prague, leaving a taste of caducity behind. the final scene mansion was found on the outskirts of the city. theactual wings were built just for the main actors and the centenario angel. all other angel wings were done in CGI. in a massive period of postproduction, the integrity of effects were naturally implemented.

made differently is the claim of the gran centenario and this is exactly what the surprising plot of the commercial tells: one glass of this tequila can evoke an impressive impact, not only for the liver.

the magical look, like eternal paintings drawn by the director matthias zentner, teases the perception of the audience and remains strongly in their minds.


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