Released from the confines of a cage in the Imperial Palace, the young sultan, Orkhan, begins his education at the hands of the promiscuous young women of the Royal Harem. Orkhan learns the ancient arts of phalomancy and vulvascopy as well as receiving instruction in The Kiss of Death, Drinking at the Tavern of the Viper and The Perfumed Battlefield.
Orkhan is lead through the Harem by two deaf and dumb mutes to meet his mother, The Valide Sultan. She hands him over to the concubines Anadil and Rasya in the Chamber of Ice and then to the vicious cat-woman, Roxelana.
Orkhan’s pleasure gradually leads to disillusion as he realizes that he holds no power in this dark, mysterious world and that he is merely a plaything of the mischievous concubines of the secret society, ‘The Prayer Cushions of the Flesh’, who are leading him towards a sacrificial death by strangulation. En route, he meets and falls in love with Perizade the washerwoman who eventually orchestrates his salvation and escapes with him into a bright, alien world where her laundry skills pave the way to a secure future.

Prayer Cushions of the Flesh is a dark comedy and erotic fantasy about perversion, discipline, cardboard, giraffes, cake and the power of love over that of depraved sexuality.

Prayer Cushions of the flesh combines live footage and animation.

A film by Magnus Irvin and Ray McNeill

Starring - David Piper, Anne Pigalle, Annika Caswell, Valeria Dragova, Camille Videcocque, Eryk Coldman's hand and a cardboard panther.


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