Joris de Man has been creating music and sound effects for the games industry for more than 15 years. His most acclaimed project to date is the orchestral score and sound design for Sony's Killzone2™, the PS3 game developed exclusively for Sony, which sold over 2 million copies worldwide. Joris composed and orchestrated the score, which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with Nimrod Productions' Studio Orchestra.

"The work is demanding enough without adding the stress that unreliable hardware can create. Before we started using G-Tech we were having a nightmare with drives failing. Losing data is nothing short of a disaster; often you simply cannot recreate the work if it's lost, it can be nerve wracking and has a terrible effect on both motivation and momentum. Our Hitachi G-SAFE system has never missed a beat or lost a sound track, and it's amazingly quiet…I forget it's there. My team also used the G-RAID recently to store video footage for a documentary we were editing and it too has been 100 per cent dependable," said Joris.

Check out the G-Tech Driven Creativity Competition 2011 here


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