This is the second piece I ever made, and it's one of my favorites. It was done at UC Santa Cruz when I was in the Theater Arts Graduate Certificate program in early 2007.

I was so grateful for working with the cast who so generous.y allowed me to explore ideas on their bodies and group body...bravery and generosity and curiosity. It's a problematic piece for sure in terms of power dynamics: relationship between the "artist" and the "muse(s)", gender politics, control and personal agency/autonomy. If something is beautiful then that does excuse a fucked up politic or dynamic that is represented beautifully? Who is the artist and who owns the art/art making? These and other questions really came to a head in my later piece called STICK which I did almost exactly 2 years later.

My driving inspirations for the piece: Pedro Almodovar, Federico Fellini and a photo of Salvador Dali in front of a skull image made up of nude female do these artists use/muse/honor/exploit/work with/write women?


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