In Life is a Carnival, Moreno Solinas delves back into his early training in Latin American dance, threading together fiery dance routines and evocative songs in a fast-paced and playful journey to his past.

choreography & performer: Moreno Solinas
research & choreography assistant: Igor Urzelai
voice coach: Melanie Pappenheim
lighting design: Seth Rook Williams
design: Kasper Hansen
costume creation: Sophie Bellin
music by: Celia Cruz and Violeta Parra

[The HD video is also available on request. Please contact me via vimeo or on]


It’s difficult to write about Moreno Solinas’s Life is a Carnival without giving away the sweet surprise that is the centre of the work’s presentation. Solinas, a London Contemporary Dance School graduate and member of the BLOOM! collective, initially trained in salsa and Latin American dance; his self-performed solo deals entertainingly with the weighty themes of essence, identity and the death of selfhood, without becoming either pretentious or cheesey. The tricky balance of depth and sparkle is well-executed by the charming Solinas, who brings a lovely singing voice and sizzling rhythms to the piece. (Lise Smith,

[...] Moreno Solinas’ Life is a Carnival came next – an autobiographical solo that explored the many journeys and emotional extremes in his life. Solinas was able to craft a piece that showed humour and joy, vitality and strength, yet also a deep and crushing sadness. I was struck by the flow of the piece, which from start to finish was eloquently crafted to achieve a strong emotional reaction. It also benefited from a beautifully subtle lighting design, and a well-thought-out soundscape performed live by Solinas through vocal work and body rhythms. The salsa-inspired solo found a good balance, and was engaging from beginning to end. (Erin Johnson,


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