Brenton Priestley's section from the award winning 'In-Transit'. A personal favourite.

Go to to download the entire film in HD for only $10. It's the best 10 bucks you'll spend all day.

Crossing datelines and pushing boundaries, In-Transit is a two and a half year journey with the most creative and progressive wakeboarders from across the world. Passing from continent to continent, sunrise to sunset, get a glimpse into the world of those who choose to push their sport and their mind into a constant state of transit. Those that chase their dreams with nothing more than boardbag and passport in hand.

From world champions to freeriders living cheque to cheque, super-groms to riders that have helped define the sport, In-Transit is a film about those who dare to gaze out beyond the wingtip and wonder: 'What next?'

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate - Swampdance
Check them out, they rock!


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