Symposium for
Centre Pompidou – Paris, France
September 27-30, 2012

Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG) is a symposium presenting theoretical works and practices linked to new geometrical development applicable to architecture. AAG has become a reference in the professional field and is supported by the direct participation of the most renowned architectural design and engineering offices along with academic laboratories.

SCI-Arc was invited amongst 15 world renowned architecture schools to submit a video presentation dedicated to recent developments in architectural geometry and computation. This presentation will be shown at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and allow a large public to discover some of the most interesting and challenging experiments currently being carried out at SCI-Arc.

Production: Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
Director: Herwig Baumgartner
Filming + Editing: Ryan Tyler Martinez
Interviews: Marcelyn Gow


Eric Owen Moss (SCI-Arc Director)
Hernan Diaz Alonso (SCI-Arc Graduate Programs Chair)

SCI-Arc Faculty
by order of appearance
Andrew Atwood
Devyn Weiser
Peter Testa
Marcelo Spina
Elena Manferdini
Florencia Pita
Herwig Baumgartner
Marcelyn Gow 
Tom Wiscombe

SCI-Arc Faculty + Robot Fellows:
Brandon Kruysman
Jonathan Proto


Jad Atoui

BPitch Control

Built Projects
by order of appearance

Eric Owen Moss Architects
Samitaur Tower

Prism Gallery

B+U - Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu
Frank / Kim Residence

SCI-Arc Gallery
by order of appearance

Ramiro Diaz-Granados
Florencia Pita
Steven Holl Architects
Greg Lynn Form
Olyer Wu Collaborative

by order of appearance

Ivan Bernal
Nefeli Chatzimina
Erick Carcamo
David Eskenazi
Sophie Lauriault
Brandon Vickers
Nicholas Edward Kinney
Francisco Alarcon Ruiz
Brandon Vickers
Michael Gross
Nicholas Poulos
Wilson Wu

Daniele Profeta

B+U - Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu
Nema Ashjaee
David Baurassa
Nick Funaro
Ricardo Lledo
Anthony Morey
Aaron Ryan

Student Work
by order of appearance
Undergraduate + Graduate

Yichen Lee
Cho Yan
Sophie Lauriault
Ryan Tyler Martinez
Marie-Sophie Starlinger
Makenzie Murphy
Joel Kerner
Marcus Westberg
Anass Benhachmi
Benjamin Farnsworth
Michael Nesbit
Jason Orbe-Smith
Keyla Hernandez
Jason Menz
Brandon Kruysman
Jon Proto
Alex Robinson
Peter Vikar
Erin Besler
Tyler Martin
Paul Stoelting
Paul Trussler
Viola Ago
Anass Benhachmi
Talin Ebrahimi
Curime Batliner
Brandon Kruysman
Jonathan Proto
Robbie Crabtree
Byungmo Kang
Eugene Kosgoron
Siim Tuksam
William Hu
Haleh Olfati
Jasmine Park
Ashley Sholder
Wan Lee
Mehrzad Rafeei
Somayyeh Ramezani
Sean Markle
Jacques Lesec
Eric Wisarut
Pablo Osorio
Francisco Moure
Amir Habibabadi
Alex Dahm
Mohammed Aljehani
David Bantz
Michael Gross
Hsu Han-Yin
Nathan Skrepcinski
Brain Kirk Henry
Johannes Beck
Andrew Kragness
Karen Shueh
Nicholas Barger
Mike Woodruff
Jonathan Schnure
Jia Zhou Zhu
Alex Phi
Sonali Patel
Anthony Morey
Ricardo Lledo
Aaron Ryan
Keti Carapuli
Jacques Lesec
Christopher Martin
Francisco Moure
Pablo Osorio
Maya Alam
Christina Anton
Stefano Passeri
Joseph Ramiro
Koho Lin
Zidan Zhao
Paul Mecomber
Vincent Pocsik

Cover image: Anass Benhachmi and Benjamin Farnsworth, 2GBX Spring 2012: Instructor Andrew Atwood.


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