“My Little Footprint, Keep-a-Breast, and Protect our Winters collaborated in supporting the One Life project in Argentina in August 2010 at the South America Snow Sessions. Inspired to support the community of Bariloche, and the earth that gives us so much, we, One Life, and friends, built a greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles, and bamboo from the local forest. We collected bottles for 2 days, cut lots of bamboo, rode epic powder, shared yoga, and threw a concert to celebrate our eco adventures.
1. our greenhouse will yield 10% faster crop growth,
2. those plastic bottles will not be burnt into atmosphere, and
3. we are helping with the local produce issues…we hope to inspire you to recycle, reuse, and reduce your footprint on the earth we all share!

For behind the scenes of my projects and random eye candy follow me on Instagram @ CementFeatheredBird

j vimeo.com/41518577

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